Tracy R. Murillo Ministries. Inc.

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Welcome to Tracy R. Murillo Ministries , Inc.,  An 501 (c) 3 Non-profit Organization.  If you are interested in helping me to write books and radio program, please Donate here at the bottom of this page.  If you are interested in having me as a speaker, contact me at [email protected]  Bless you. 

ANNOUNCING My new Radio program FREEDOM'S VOICE airing on SIBN radio every night at 7:30 p.m.  If you would like to find me on SIBN  just go to the SIBN website and look under the search and type TRACY MURILLO and you will find my broadcast page and my biography and my Archives of my programs. 

I am working on the most exciting book yet, "NOTHING WILL CHAIN THEIR SOULS."  It speaks and outlines the hindrances in our lives that keep us from our destiny.  My newly published book on Autism named  "Silent Cry" was launched in March this year.  A journey of healing for my autistic son.  I will be hosting conferences on this topic.  To bring hope and healing to those parents having to cope with Special Needs children.  I feel compelled to bring some the answers I have received through the last eight years of therapy for my son Daniel.   

 I was ordained in 2007 at Eagles Nest International Church in Monroe, Louisiana by Pastor George and Bishop Clarice Fluitt. I am  a leader for Transformation of Chapel Hill by Ed Silviso headed by Cheri Hardman I am also a Intercessor for the Grace Church Prayer team.  I am a member of Women in Christian Media/Southeast Region in Nashville TN for two years.  I am a member of (TAG) Touch and Agree Christian Business organization out of Raleigh.  I also minister as a Prayer partner at the Worship Center in Durham, NC. I Have completed the School of Tyrannus through the Harvest Evangelism organization.  I am now also a Radio Host for SIBN radio and my program is called FREEDOMS VOICE.  

I have a heart and desire to see others set free from all strongholds in their minds that have held them captive to not believe that God is good. Healing and Deliverance are its message. I  travel and teach on healing all over the world for the past 17 years. She has been on television in  Durham, North Carolina as well as Augusta, Georgia and Summerville, Georgia. My heart is to help the needy and deliver those in darkness into Christ's wonderful light. My heart is to be able to speak about my life and use it as a tool to bring others to freedom.

I have numerous books published and are available at  "Under the Shadow of the Almighty", "Count it as Righteousness", "Perception" and "Within and Without" and "Silent Cry".. They are also available as E-books for the kindle and nook on  They are also offered on the KOBO which is the international form of the kindle and nook.  Here is the web site for your convenience.  Bless you.    The video below is a teaching I did on  "King Asa" in the bible.  I pray it bless you

All of my books are available at Amazon.and many wonderful sites.  
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